Not all businesses need to register run a payroll scheme. However, any business that has employees who earn over the Lower Earnings Limit (£6032 for 2018/2019) will need to register and run a payroll scheme. A business can also choose to run a payroll for the company directors, even if there are no other employees; and if you are registered as a contractor, or use sub-contractors, then CIS returns for CIS suffered or deducted must be submitted through a payroll scheme.

With the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI), payroll reports must be submitted to HMRC on or before payday or employers face a late submission penalty. This means it’s important you have a good payroll provider in place from the start to ensure the work is done accurately and on time.

Our Payroll Service

We provide a complete service, handling all aspects of payroll for our clients from start to finish. We take care of everything necessary for your company to be completely compliant with all rules and regulations. We take the time to work with you to establish your requirements, such as:

  • Provide online payslips, either weekly, fortnightly, four weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • Submission of RTI Returns.
  • Processing employee’s starter/leaver/year end forms such as P45, P46, P60 etc.
  • Claiming of employment allowance on your behalf, if entitled
  • Calculate employees holiday pay, SSP (Statutory Sick Pay), SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay) and student loan deductions.
  • Automatic email reminders to let you when your payroll is due, reducing the risk of penalties being issued for late filing.
  • Unlimited payroll help and advice throughout the year from your dedicated Payroll Clerk.

We strive to make processing your payroll a simple straightforward process and work with you to ensure that we are provided with up-to-date payroll information by a mutually agreed cut off date. Every payroll period we will send a summary, payslips and clear instructions on how to pay the PAYE. We can provide a wide range of more in-depth management reports, if necessary

Our dedicated team provide a quality service, so you do not have deal with the potential headaches of payroll and can concentrate on running your business.