Business plans / management consulting

Business Plans/ Management Consulting

It is essential for businesses of all sizes to have a realistic business plan Vision Consulting can assist clients in developing a business plan comprising a market analysis and a financial model for up to 5 years, giving the business owners a clear idea of what to expect.

Case study 1:

We worked with a Dubai based security sector business to develop a 3 year business plan which gave senior management clear focus and helped identify the critical success factors and areas of the business which were underperforming.

We assisted with implementing improvements in underperforming areas including credit control.

Case study 2:

Vision Consulting was appointed to assist a London/Essex based Indian restaurant group to develop a business plan for a new site which was used to approach banks. We carried out a market analysis as well as preparing three years of projections.

Case study 3:

Vision Consulting were appointed by an international branded pizza chain to assist with the acquisition of a number of new sites. We analysed the business and provided projections for the next 3 years showning how the business would perform under the new management. This was then provided to the clients’ bankers.